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Friday, August 14, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       I have a child that wants to start playing soccer, what do I need to do?

On our website at the following link we have all the local clubs listed: HERE. On each of the clubs websites they have contact information for inquiries.  Things to considers are: programs available (recreation and competitive), practice locations, cost, etc.


2.       How do I get on an adult team to play soccer?

There are 4 main adult leagues that play at MRSC. GMSA which has men’s divisions, coed divisions, and a women’s divisions.  They can be contacted at  NASL is an over 30’s coed league can be contacted through the following link:  


3.       How much does it cost to play soccer in a league at MRSC?

The cost is $85 per player for a 10 game season at MRSC.  This fee includes field rental and lights.  The league and/or team you are joining will have additional charges such as: TN Soccer registration fee, administration fees, club fees, referee fees, etc.


4.       Can I come out and practice at MRSC?

Unfortunately, we do not allow practice at MRSC and is used for games only.  There are, however, other fields in the local area that you may practice on.  In addition, each local youth club has their own practice facilities.


5.       I want to rent a field for a few games, what do I need to do and how much does it cost?

Please contact Simon Lacon at (901) 751 4223 ext 1 or email us at to request a field.  We do NOT rent fields by the day or hour, we rent by the game.  Individual games cost $150 to $200 depending on the time of year. 


6.       I am interested in possibly doing a tournament/event at MRSC, who do I need to talk to?

Please contact Simon Lacon at (901) 751 4223 ext 1 to set up a meeting and find out available dates.


7.       How do I get added to the field conditions email or texting service?

Please use the 'sign up' form located on the MRSC Homepage on the right hand side.   

8.       What is your field conditions policy?

Our Field Conditions Policy can be found - HERE


9.       I am visiting MRSC for the first time, where can I find the bathrooms and concessions?

We have permanent bathrooms available in two locations: 1) the stadium pavillion, 2) by field 4 (see complex map).  In addition to a concession stand in the stadium, we also have mobile concession carts in the playing field area for your convenience.


10.       I am interested in advertising or forming a partnership with MRSC, who do I need to contact?

You may contact Carey Talley or Simon Lacon at (901) 751 4223 or  They will gladly send you more information to discuss the opportunities available.


11.   I hear that you charge parking at tournaments, is that correct?

Yes, we charge $10 per car and $40 for large busses (the charge/pass is good for the entire event).  The parking revenue goes towards complex security, field maintenance, Lebonheur Children’s Medical Center, and the hosting organization.


12.   What restaurants are near MRSC that are offering team discounts for soccer teams?

We have a number of restaurants that have formed partnerships with MRSC.  These restaurants can be found HERE. Most of these restaurants will offer discounts to soccer teams and parties during their stay in Memphis.  In addition, you may also pick up coupons and menus from our stadium bulletin board while visiting MRSC.


13.   I need to book hotel rooms for my team traveling to Memphis, what do I need to do?

From the following link, you can choose one of the 39 hotels in our program.  Each hotel offers discounted room rates for traveling teams participating in events at MRSC.  All of the hotels listed have been approved by our Hotel Coordinator, Jessica Vinson, for convenience, rates, amenities and cleanliness.  By choosing 2 to 3 hotels and filling out the ‘hotel request form’, our representatives can assist this process for you in a timely manner.  Hotel Info


14.   I want to become a referee, where can I go for more information?

You can visit the following link for more information:


15.   I lost something at the MRSC, do you have a lost and found?

Yes, please call the main office at (901) 751 4223 or email us at: with a description of your item.


15.   Do you have any summer camps at MRSC?

Yes, there are 2 or 3 "Elite-Level-Training Camps"  that take place during the Summer at MRSC.  Please use the following link for more information and registration:

16.   Where can I find a list of all the events at MRSC?

A complete list of events can be found HERE 

17.   I have a complaint, who do I need to contact?

It depends….  Seriously it does

If you have a complaint about the complex fields, bathrooms, security, violation of rules, or MRSC personnel then you need to contact Simon Lacon at (901) 751 4223 ext 1 or via email at:

If you have a complaint about a team, coach, spectator or referee from the youth league, please contact John Snyder at:

If you have a complaint about a team, coach, spectator or referee from the adult league, please contact Curt Rogers at:


18.   Where can I find the rules and regulations for the complex?

You may find and print our complete set of rules HERE 


19.   During an emergency at the MRSC, who do I need to contact?

If there is an emergency during normal league play, please locate the security guard on duty.  If unable to locate, please call dispatch: Security One: 901 346 7746.  Dispatch will be able to contact the guard immediately and direct them to your location.

If there is an emergency during a tournament, please have a field marshall ‘radio in’ the emergency to Soccer Central and the medical trainer onsite.  Field marshalls are usually located at the corners of fields 3, 7, 11, and 15.  


20.   What are the sizes of the fields at MRSC?

11v11 fields measure 75 x 115yds

8v8 fields measure 50 x 70yds

6v6 fields measure 35 x 55yds 

Stadium measures 74 x 116yds

Periodically, throughout each season, we have the option to change the size in order to minimize damage to the goal mouths or sidelines.


21.   Do you have any summer jobs at MRSC?

For job opportunities, please email us at


22.  Does MRSC allow grills/tailgating?

No, please refer to the full rules and regulations HERE


23.  I'm traveling to Memphis in a RV, can I park overnight?

No, please refer to the full rules and regulations HERE


24.  Can I bring my pet to MRSC?

Pets are not allowed in the playing field areas.  However, you are welcome to have them up by the lake.  Please refer to the full rules and regulations HERE 


25.  What is "Park Smart"?

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office developed this program to help remind you to "Park Smart". 24 hour assistance

*Lock Your Vehicle

*Remove Valuables

*Report Suspicious Behavior (901) 379-7625

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