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Friday, August 14, 2020
MRSC Field Condition Policy & Procedure

It is the goal of Mike Rose Soccer Complex (MRSC) to determine when to stop or cancel games due to unsafe field conditions or when play would be detrimental to field quality.  It is also the obligation of MRSC to notify teams, coaches, families, and referees of field conditions to prevent unnecessary travel when possible and to only allow play in safe conditions. 

There is an explicit difference between the point at which referees will stop games based on unsafe conditions and the point at which MRSC will stop games in order to preserve field quality.  The referees ALWAYS have the authority to stop games and/or prevent them from being played for safety reasons; however, MRSC holds ultimate authority to stop games from safety standpoint and/or to protect field quality.  The ruling of MRSC will ultimately SUPERCEDE the referee’s decision.

The procedure for weather condition issues or concerns are as follows:

  • At 2:30pm voice message, web site and emails will be updated on field conditions and potential threatening weather.
  •  IF there is threatening weather on the way, the voice message at 2:30pm will ask you to check back at 5:00pm.
  • At 5:00pm, the voice message will be updated for all games being played that evening.  If the message states that games will be played, it will also state that games being played will be left to the referee’s discretion from a safety standpoint, as MRSC’s main concern at all times is the wellbeing of the players.  At any point during the time games are being played, MRSC has the authority to stop or cancel games.
  • It is imperative that all participants check the website, email or call the field conditions hotline (901 751-4223 extension 9) in order to determine if games are being played.  Please do not assume games are being played as weather varies throughout the city.
Please note:  It is the general consensus of the soccer community to err on the side of caution at ALL times.  This includes preemptively CANCELING games on the front end, and perhaps resulting in canceling games erroneously once or twice because of suspected bad weather on its way.

For information Dealing with Severe Weather Conditions, please click HERE for details provided by US Soccer Communications.

If you would like to be added to the Field/Weather Conditions email list please fill out the MRSC Online form on the home page.

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